Fortune Aura when seen through the third eye will appear as a gold aura. Fortune Aura is a pure energy and because of its purity has multi functions.

Next experiment results using fortune aura:
1.    Fortune aura when given to genies and evil spirits will make them burn and destroyed. Usually people with strong fortune aura will have a lower percentage of calamities, bad luck, and all matters related to suffer than people with very weak fortune aura. Thus, the fortune aura functions as guard (pure aura).
2.    Fortune aura when given to all matters related to negativities, dirty energies, poles of genies and so on, they will all melt and be destroyed.
3.    Fortune aura when given to negative karmas will make them melt and destroyed.
4.    Fortune aura when given to plants with intention to absorb all matters that cause plants to become infertile will look like maggots sucked inside the fortune aura and die.
5.    Fortune aura can also be used to clean aging causers. This reminds me of my observation toward prosperous people. Their faces and bodies look younger and shinier.
6.    Fortune aura is 100% effective in exterminating germs, viruses, fungus, even HIV.