Kundalini is a very useful self energy for conducting a process of self cleaning and purification. The effect of training kundalini besides cleaning is the emergence of psychic abilities which every human being has.  The final goal of training kundalini is to reach self perfection and unite with nature.
In a dormant state, kundalini remains at our perineum (a place between the end of our coccyx and genital). After our kundalini has been activated, its energy will begin to clean ourselves.

Phases of Kundalini:

1.    Activation of kundalini
2.    Purification from toe to heart
3.    Purification of the heart
4.    Purification from heart to core chakra (crown chakra)
5.    Purification (fusion of core kundalini in the core chakra)
Absolute purification

Generation of kundalini is conducted as follow:

1.    Shaktipat by a kundalini master
2.    Reiki – Kundalini method
3.    Tantra
4.    Prana – Kundalini meditation
5.    Breathing
A person whose kundalini has completely streamed into the core chakra (crown chakra) and its kundalini core has reached union with the core chakra can be called an Avatar.

The cleaning process through kundalini is very long and takes a life time. Without being supported by efficient method, the self cleaning process and kundalini development will go slowly.

Q-RAK (Quark Reiki Atomic – Kundalini) Method is a very efficient method to train and improve the development of kundalini.

Without meditating, by simply inserting a Q-RAK energy ball into the body and making it permanent, an energy ball can increase the development of kundalini for more than a week and we can still do our normal daily activities. The result gained from a single practice equals dozen times of kundalini meditation with other methods.