Avatar is our own spirit (roh) that evolves through the process of spirit purification.

In Q-RAK system, Avatar is not related to any religion because Q-RAK does not use spells or religious prayers and does not require any ritual. Avatar is also not a genie or alien creature from any dimension. The rise of Avatar is a pure energy system management in a human being by using Q-RAK energy.

Often kundalini practitioners do not know the effects of training kundalini until the kundalini core reaches unification in the crown chakra and cause the spirit to evolve into avatar.

This condition exists because it is hard to train kundalini. Even after tens of years a lot of kundalini practitioners only manage to stimulate kundalini fire without reaching the kundalini core. And when someone manages to reach the kundalini core, they rarely reach the crown chakra, thus they never get the chance to reach the level where their spirit evolve into Avatar.

In Q-RAK system, Q-RAK practitioners of level 3 raise their kundalini cores until they reach unification in the crown chakra.

When the kundalini core reaches unification in the crown chakra, a screen between our spirit and God’s power will open, hence divine energy will begin to flow to us. At the same time our spirit will turn color into a gold body usually called by spiritualists as becoming a great yogi.

At a higher level the spirit will have multiple hands in a very large amount, depending on the purity level of our spirit. The purer, the more hands will grow and gain shakti objects.
In such condition the spirit can already be called AVATAR.

The numerous hands reflect power and ability of AVATAR which is also reflected from shakti objects in the hands.

The numbers of hands represent the number of ability possessed. If someone has a thousand hands, that means his or her ability is also a thousand.

AVATAR is a spirit with ability to control elements in nature.

The elements comprise:

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Cosmic

The Use of Avatar

Practitioners of Q-RAK level 3 are taught how to use the Avatar body for medical and non medical therapies, hot to use energy balls, eliminate dark powers and others and control the weather.