In Q-RAK system, when a practitioner has reached Avatar, the tongue chakra will open.
The tongue chakra is under the tongue and shapes like a white jasmine. When the tongue chakra has opened, it reflects someone’s purity level and will make the person covered by yellow light from head to toe as the one seen on a saint which spiritualists refer as HALO.

With this tongue chakra, affirmation and prayers said by our tongue will become a direct prayer to God and will not be blocked by any dark force.

This is different from affirmation and prayers said in the heart. Dark forces and genies with all their deceit plant tags and negative implants in our subconscious and conscience thus our subconscious can become negative and our conscience dull and barriered by membrane of dark forces. Affirmation and prayers can be deviated by tags and negative implants to channels of dark forces.

The condition can be checked when Q-RAK practitioners call Avatar by speaking in the heart. Often a genie disguising as Avatar comes to sight. If so, check the subconscious and conscience; at both parts there must be tags and negative implants from dark forces.  Therefore, Q-RAK practitioners are suggested to say affirmation with the tongue.