GTummo lies in the gut (solar plexus). Many traditions say that gTummo is the fire of life or consider it as the core of all energies that can be used to access all energy fields in this universe.

In Tibetan tradition, gTummo energy is used to maintain someone’s body heat to not freeze in cold weather of the Himalayan Mountains.

Other benefits of gTummo:

  • gTummo can be used to increase immunity from extreme temperature.
  • gTummo can be used to make the body immune from cold water.
  • gTummo can have doping effects toward sportmen.
  • gTummo can increase immunity from tiredness and drowsiness.
  • gTummo is effective in overcoming cold, heavy migraine, gore, allergies, etc.
  • gTummo can raise inner power.
  • gTummo can destroy sorceries and magic.
  • gTummo can control weather.
  • gTummo can control weather.
  • gTummo can raise kundalini.
  • gTummo can destroy diseases.
  • gTummo can destroy viruses, bacterias, germs, and fungus.

When gTummo has reached perfection, it will form a Dewa gTummo body which is usually called gTummo vajra body in Tibetan tradition. In such condition gTummo will be above the head like a thunder symbol.

In Q-RAK system, gTummo is raised to gTummo Dewa level. The raise of gTummo to gTummo Dewa level is given to Q-RAK practitioners of level 3. The body of gTummo Dewa in a Q-RAK practitioner is gold in color and has an unlimited fire core and ice core.