Cultivation is just the same as evolution or transformation.

For butterflies it is also called metamorphose where butterfly eggs hatch and turn into worms and worms turn into cocoons, and when the metamorphose runs perfectly, cocoons become butterflies.

In humans the transformation or cultivation process happens in many levels and dimensions, among others levels and dimensions of physical, spiritual, soul, higher self, subconscious and so forth.

All cultivations have a system as follow:

  1. Physical cultivation will produce a pure eternal physical body, where the body feels healthier, ageless, and endurant toward diseases.
  2. Soul cultivation will produce a gold pure eternal soul body sitting on a golden lotus and usually referred as the body of Dewa or the body of Vajra which on certain levels is named bodhisattva body and the body of Buddha. Soul cultivation comprises among others:
    • Cultivation of Fortune Dewa
    • Cultivation of Luck Dewa
    • Cultivation of Anti Disaster and Anti Bankruptcy Dewa
    • Cultivation of gTummo Dewa
    • Cultivation of All Obstacles Destroyer Dewa
  3. Spirit cultivation will produce a golden pure eternal spirit body with many hands holding supernatural objects usually called the avatar body. Spirit cultivation comprises among others:
    • Cultivation of Avatar
    • Cultivation of Divine Kalki Avatar
    • Cultivation of Divine Shakti Avatar
    • Cultivation of Divine Saka Avatar
    • Etc.
  4. Higher self cultivation will produce a glowing pure higher self like the shining sun or also usually called the higher self Dewa.
  5. Subconscious cultivation will produce a pure subconscious which is also called subconscious Dewa.

And so forth.


Avatar cultivation can be done when we raise and train our kundalini. When the core of kundalini has united at the crown chakra, the shade between our spirit and Divine power will open, thus divine energy will begin to stream into our body. At the same time our spirit will turn color into gold and hands will begin to grow with amount depending on the purity of our soul. The purer our soul, the more hands and supernatural objects we will have. In such condition our spirit can already be called AVATAR.

The numerous hands reflect AVATAR’s power and ability, signed by supernatural objects they hold.

The sum of hands that we own represents the sum of abilities that we have. If we have thousands of hands, then we have thousands of abilities.