We usually use our subconscious to make our desires come true.
In order to activate our subconscious we need the skill to program the subconscious like what hypnotherapists do and the mind power technique to influence our subconscious.

By using Q-RAK energy ball for programming subconscious, Q-RAK practitioners can easily program their subconscious with effective result. This is different from any other Reiki schools that use materialization energy ball to strengthen their affirmation which has proven to be less effective because to influence our subconscious we should not only strengthen our affirmation, but also strengthen other factors that can influence and stimulate our subconscious to accept the affirmation.

In a healing process, the subconscious has also a very important role. The more our subconscious is involved and asked to cooperate, the faster our healing process will be. Our subconscious usually helps the healing process between 65 to 85%.

The use of Q-RAK energy ball to program our subconscious can be done as many times as possible. The more often we use energy balls to reprogram our subconscious, the stronger our programming process will be, thus making it possible for us to achieve our goal immediately.

In Q-RAK system, besides subconscious energy ball that functions to control our own and other people’s subconscious there is also the subconscious controller Dewa.

The subconscious controller Dewa originates from cultivation of Q-RAK practitioner’s subconscious soul.

Q-RAK practitioners of level 3 are given initiation of subconscious controller cultivation until it reaches subconscious controller Dewa level. Q-RAK practitioners that have reached subconscious controller Dewa level have the power to control their own subconscious and others.

Benefits of controlling our subconscious:

  • Change bad character into positive character.
  • Stimulate positive matters inside of us and others.
  • Increase prosperity, wealth, and luck for our selves and others.
  • Increase our career.
  • Make problematic projects successful.
  • Solve heavy problems.
  • Improve relationships between people.
  • Find our soulmate.
  • Avoid and prevent misfortunes and accidents.
  • Get closer to God.
  • Accelerate healing process of diseases
  • Increase body stamina
  • Etc.