Natural energy is common energy of the universe everywhere in this universe.

Examples of natural energies:

  • Energy of crystal stones
  • Prana energy
  • Reiki energy
  • Entire natural energies
  • Plant energy
  • Orgonite energy
  • Etc.

Since natural energy is a common energy in the universe, natural energy can be accessed by anyone who knows how to access it.
Cultivation energy is natural energy evolving into purification energy.
Cultivation energy can only be made through energy cultivation laws.
Only people who managed to take control over cultivation energy laws can access cultivation energy, thus evolve natural energy into cultivation energy.
Cultivation energy laws is very complicated and complex, comprise the creation law of the universe.
In this world it is very rare that someone can find his/her own cultivation system. Most human beings perfom the cultivation system found by the True Cultivator who once came to earth.
Cultivation energy functions to purify the body: the physical body, soul, spirit and so on, depending on the cultivation energy type rised.
Avatar, Dewa, Buddha, Tao, Ascended Master, Chohan, Insal Kamil, Perfect Human are examples of cultivation bodies that have reached perfection.