Reiki origins from the word Rei = Universe, Ki = Energy of Life / Vital Energy.
Reiki is a technique to access energy of the universe.

Reiki was first found in Japan and then spread to all over the world.

Reiki has existed since ancient time, but almost vanished.

Learning Reiki is very simple and easy. All you need is to synchronize energy through the help of a Reiki master.

Reiki is not related to any religion. It is merely an art of healing and spiritual management that leads us to self development and union with nature, thus it is universal in character.

Recently Reiki has developed into many schools. Each school has its own unique way and advantages.

One of the newest schools of Reiki is the Quark Reiki Atomic – Kundalini.

I found and invented Q-RAK (Quark Reiki Atomic – Kundalini) in 2004. I developed its techniques with my associate, Sahrul, in September 2007 and published it to the public in November 2007.

Quark Reiki Atomic – Kundalini (Q-RAK) is different from common reiki. All its techniques are new, an advanced version of common reiki techniques.

Q-RAK functions at atomic level; it has very gentle and high concentrate energy, hence reaches quark atomic level.

Q-RAK is very useful for healing and practicing kundalini.

Healing therapies in Q-RAK method is special, particularly related to certain disease cases.

Energy balls in Q-RAK method are also special and can not be used by reiki practitioners from Usui Reiki School and all reiki schools with the same energy level, particularly those using Co Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Hon Sha Se Sho Nen, Dai Ko Mio, Tu Mo, Kundalini and other energy balls.

Q-RAK has 4 levels:

Level 1
At this level the capability to access Q-RAK energy and heal oneself and others will be opened.
Bonus: Attunement of Fortune Aura Power until perfect level 1
Level 2
At this level Q-RAK energy balls and distant healing can be conducted. The level consists of 4 main energy balls, 2 additional energy balls, and 10 special energy balls. For example energy balls to program subconscious, train kundalini, rise fortune aura, stop bleeding, etc.

1.    Attunement of the Third Eye, Spiritual Eyes in skin pores and aura, the Eye of Dewa and the Eye of Buddha.
2.    Attunement of Fortune Aura Power to perfect level 2.
3.    Shaktiphat Kundalini until the core kundalini reaches the heart chakra.
Level 3 (Healer)
At this level, Q-RAK energy balls for healing purposes can be used (more than 100 energy balls for varied diseases). For example energy balls to heal cancer, HIV, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, hypotension, stroke, leukemia, etc. Energy balls function to stimulate soul acupuncture spots (18 acupuncture spots) which are very helpful in healing all kinds of diseases. There are also energy balls to rise and train gTummo, to open and develop chakra number 8 to 15 and Q-RAK sword to clean.

1.    Attunement of 12 DNA Strings of Merkaba to perfection.
2.    Attunement of Kundalini until the core kundalini reaches the crown chakra and becomes Avatar.
3.    Attunement of Divine Tulor Avatar.
4.    Attunement of Higher Self Power.
5.    Attunement of Luck Aura, Anti Disaster and Anti Bankruptcy Power to Dewa level.
6.    Attunement of gTummo to Dewa level, reaching the growth of ice core and fire core.
7.    Attunement of All Obstacles Destroyer Power to Dewa level.
8.    Attunement of Sorceries and Genies Destroyer Power to Dewa level.
9.    Attunement of Money Controller Power to Dewa level.
10.    Attunement of All Barriers Destroyer Power that prevent the work of the Third Eye and Conscience to Dewa level.
11.    Attunement of Dirty Energy Demon Crystals Destroyer Power to Dewa level.
12.    Attunement of Heart Bond Destroyer Power to Dewa level.
13.    Attunement of Subconscious to strengthen positive matters and all self goodness.
14.    Attunement of Avatar to Maha Avatar Maha Ilahi level.
15.    Attunement of Dewa to Maha Dewa Maha Ilahi level.
16.    Attunement of Tao to Maha Tao Maha Ilahi level.

Level 4 (Master)
At this level someone is taught to become a Q-RAK Master.


Up until now I have not yet opened the Master Level to public. I only teach the Master Level to certain practitioners who have proven to be highly dedicated in developing Q-RAK and maintaining the originality and purity of Q-RAK. Thus there are only 6 Q-RAK Masters today. If there is anyone else claiming to be a Q-RAK Master, it’s definitely a fraud!

Address of Q-RAK Secretariat
Bintaro Trade Centre (BTC) Block C2 No. 20
Bintaro Jaya Trade Center Sector 7
Jenderal Sudirman Street – Bintaro Jaya
Telp: (+6221) 7456767 [Handoko]
QRAK Mailing list:

Shall there be anyone interested in QRAK, you can e-mail me at or contact me on my cell phone: (+6221) 687-670-08, +62813-802-640-32