The Fortune Aura has a gold color. In every human this aura has existed since birth. Every individual has a different quantity and quality of fortune aura, depending on their condition. The fortune aura functions to make fortunes easily flow to one self.

Fortune aura is influenced by the character of each individual. A strong fortune aura can be found in people who love to save money, work hard, creative, innovative, and smart. When we pray to God and ask God to give us plenty of fortunes, when we truly pray, then our fortune aura psychic can get stronger and increase. This can be seen through the rise of power and size of gold colored aura in ourselves.

However we can increase our own strength and number of fortune aura by using the enormous energy of the universe to raise fortune aura inside of us. In Q-RAK method level 2, practitioners are introduced to an energy that raises fortune aura in us and in others.

Training how to raise and increase fortune aura in ourselves and others can be defined as doing cultivation toward fortune aura or also called fortune cultivation. At perfect level of this system, someone can have an eternal holy fortune soul body. This body is gold and sits on a lotus, which is also called fortune Dewa.

People who have reached fortune Dewa level will have the power to influence their own fortune and others. Of course the body of fortune Dewa is their own bodies with their own faces.

In Q-RAK method, Q-RAK practitioners will gain initiation of fortune cultivation. The result of this initiation will instantly make someone reach the perfect condition of fortune cultivation, thus grow an eternal holy fortune soul body or usually called fortune Dewa body inside of him or her. At the same time the Q-RAK practitioner will have the power to influence him self or her self and others.