Our conscience functions to scan truth. Something that emerges from our conscience is pure, uncontaminated. Our conscience can be used to show truth and check the truth itself. Our conscience is the core of our spirit or also called as Self Core. Someone with open conscience can easily listen to the words originating from his conscience.

Words can sound so soft, bringing peace, filled with honesty and truth.

By using Q-RAK method, our conscience can be opened perfectly. Opening our conscience can be done through attunement of the conscience.  The result of conscience attunement is the growth of a pure eternal conscience soul in form of a gold body commonly known as the gold conscience Dewa body.

It is recommended for anyone who wishes to get proper guidance in undergoing this life to always communicate with his conscience.

The way to use your conscience:

1.    Intend to use your conscience inside your heart.
2.    Ask questions to your conscience.
3.    Wait for the answers from your conscience. These answers can be written or a gentle voice inside of you.