In the system of hypnosis, we are taught to always think positive because what we think will come into reality as several idioms state: “you are what you think”, “what you believe will happen”, “your believe will save you”.

This is also comprehensively discussed in “The Secret”, a best seller book in the print industry.

Our thoughts – and if our thoughts are strong hence we believe them to be true – will in certain conditions stimulate our subconscious to realize it.

If our beliefs have stimulated the subconscious, it will be difficult to stop unless we reprogram our beliefs.

Therefore, thinking positive is recommended to gain prosperity and love from this universe. Thinking positive toward prosperity will stimulate our subconscious to open doors that will flow money into our lives. Without even noticing it, we have made a belief/faith system in our selves toward prosperity that also makes a change in our nerve system and in our brain, namely ideas will emerge such as ideas to produce something creative that has a high selling value and also open our chance to have the best business to flow cash into our lives; open our thoughts on how to make money and begin to open the surrounding environment to help us gain the amount of money that we wish for.

In the world of palmistry or the art of palm line reading, our belief also change the lines of our palm related to money. The change of palm lines are related with the establishment of nerve tracks about money in our brain and our subconscious.

In Q-RAK system, practitioners are no longer trained on how to think positive about money, but given a tool: the power to control money.

How does it work?

What we think will become a field of energy/aura suitable to that thought. The stronger our thought, the greater the field of energy/aura will develop.

In a very strong condition to the mental and subconscious level, the thoughts will not only shape the field of energy/aura, but also shape a certain consciousness system in accordance to those thoughts. This consciousness system has its own authority and lives in its own world, but we can use it the way we want it because it is part of our selves.

The consciousness system is usually called in varied cultures and beliefs as SOUL or quality of soul.

Indeed a very strong thought at the mental level that can stimulate our subconscious is the SOUL.

Since there are many thoughts, the soul alone is large in amount, in fact unlimited.

Examples of SOUL or quality of soul are as follow:

  • Love and care
  • Peace
  • Wealth
  • Luck
  • Prosperity
  • Bravery
  • Wisdom
  • Responsibility
  • Etc.

The soul has an exact form like the physical body.
A shaped soul can evolve or cultivated by purifying it.
When a soul has reached perfection, the soul body will evolve or change into a gold body and sit on a gold lotus.
It can be described as Buddha sitting on a gold lotus.

In Q-RAK system, the soul level that has reached perfection is called Dewa.
The body of Dewa has of course the same face with our physical body because it is part of our selves.

In the old days to purify a soul needs tens of years, in fact many failed in the process thus making them never reach perfection in their entire lives.

How about the thought of prosperity?

The thought of prosperity will develop a field of prosperity energy/aura.
In a very strong condition it will make the consciousness system have its own certain authority about money or usually called as soul quality of prosperity.

Soul Quality of prosperity can be evolved until it reaches perfection, thus creating a money controller Dewa or a soul that has power to control money.

In QRAK system, practitioners will have their soul of prosperity evolved until it reaches perfection in only one day.  Of course this can only happen through the touch of power from a master that has reached the level.
By using the power to control money, our life will become easier and more meaningful for our selves, others and our environment.

The Use of Money Controller Power

In accordance to its name, the money controller power has a specific strength to control money.

When using the money controller power we should clearly state the reasonable amount of money that we want with our condition today.

For example when we’re still unemployed and have no money at all with limited skills and knowledge, the reasonable amount of money for us to own is 1 million. If we ask for 1 billion, that would be too much and needs a massive strength to realize it, even years to make it happen. This will damage our state of determination (willpower to program) because of impatience to realize it. Whereas while waiting (for our desire to happen) there’s a need of happiness (faith) that it will come true.

So, don’t ruin your heart condition by doing excessive programming so that you need a very long time to make it come true.

For the case above we can do affirmation as follows:
I use the money controller power for 24 hours non-stop to make money flow into my life so that I can have 1 million rupiah in the shortest period of time and in the finest way and to make God and all holy creatures in this universe and the best people to constantly help me in gaining the money and to get as many chances as possible from God to get that kind of money and to ease my condition to get 1 million rupiah.

By doing such programming, our subconscious will move our heart in many ways:

  1. Business intuitions will flow into our mind such as creative ideas that inspire us.
  2. Create many X factors (chances as signs of God and nature helps along with it).
  3. Meet our business partners because our subconscious influences the best peoples’ subconscious to help our business.
  4. Our subconscious stimulates the nerve system that makes us eager to work and makes us more open to the things we need to make it happen.