When human beings cultivate into perfect human beings/Avatar/Dewa/Tao and others, genies will become iblis when they cultivate.

There’s a saying “Compared to the best genie, an evil human is still better”. This means when a human cultivates, the person will have Dewa power, while when a genie cultivates, the genie will become the strongest genie of all and eventually become iblis. Remember the story of Adam and Even who fell into sin. Wasn’t it a snake that cultivated into a dragon that caused it? Since only humans are allowed to cultivate, not genies, not angels, or any others.

Cultivation of a genie can only happen by becoming a parasite, using a human body where the core or life energy of the human is sucked by the genie and used to increase the genie’s strength. Many human beings don’t realize that when they take lessons or learn the art of magic, they’ll be possessed by genies. While practicing the energy they collected actually becomes food for genies, thus they become stronger. Visually people will see the person become bigger and more powerful. This person can be in two places at once, change his body shape, heal diseases, move supernatural objects, disappear,  fly or levitating, immune to sharp objects etc. Whereas the one who becomes powerful is in reality the genie or genies that in certain conditions suck the entire core until dry, thus make the person suffer cancer, hepatitis, kidney etc. And this happens 20 to 30 years after the person began learning the art. If so, should genies be destroyed? The answer is no if they don’t cultivate in the human body because genies are also God’s creation and they have their own lives. Those we should destroy are only genies that cultivate in human bodies.