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The Q-RAK system is very effective in improving brain intellectuality.
By opening the third eye and conscience, a practitioner can easily enter brain waves in alpha, tetha, and delta.

When the third eye has opened, a practitioner can easily control the condition of the brain waves in alpha, tetha, and delta.

The ability to control brain waves in alpha, tetha, and delta will ease someone to program the subconscious, to concentrate, to remember things, to access memories in the brain, and to understand varied matters.

Someone with an open third eye and conscience can learn something easier and faster. In fact, he or she can also faster communicate with others and environment through telepathy. It often happens that information in this universe can be better accessed through telepathy.

Many scientists have unconsciously done this to gain ideas which lead them to major inventions.

In Q-RAK system is also conducted cultivation.
Cultivation functions to purify the body.
A pure body will clean its nerve system, thus interactions that stimulate the nerves can work efficiently.
People with pure bodies tend to have higher intellectuality than people with dirty bodies.
With the power of cultivation we can also stimulate the growth of brain cells connected to brain intellectuality.

Grand Master Rony Irianto

Grand Master Rony Irianto