The world of animals, plants, and minerals is also called the animal, plant, and mineral kingdom.

In the past, every human being had the ability to communicate with the world of animals, plants, and minerals. A harmonious communication between human beings and the three worlds caused a perfect balance of nature. Human beings gained great wisdom from nature through communication of the three worlds.

The ability of human beings to communicate with the three worlds equaled the prominent spiritual condition of men that time.

Along the turn of time, the human spiritual world experiences a deep and far deterioration, thus causing the ability to communicate with the three worlds to slowly vanish as it is today. Consequently, the development of our material world becomes far more developed than the spiritual world.

Q-RAK is a very simple but powerful mean that evolves human lives in a very short period of time with very high accomplishments.

Several Q-RAK practitioners shared their experience to me about their ability to communicate with animals, plants, and minerals; how animals, plants, and minerals answered all their questions.

On several occasions a Q-RAK practitioner who traveled to a large lake in Canada had a chance to hear the water world express how the water system worked at that area, terms used by the water world in connection with human acts toward water and the water management system which was generally based on greed.

With such communication, we are able to know exactly the wisest action we should do toward the animal, plant, and mineral world, thus cause harmony with nature.

Perhaps you wonder how we can communicate with the animal, plant, and mineral world. To open a good communication with these three worlds we should open our conscience, third eye, and extend our conscious through self purification (cultivation).

By simply opening our conscience and third eye is not enough to communicate well with the three worlds. Many miscommunications happen because there are still barriers in ourselves thus our conscience and third eye become disturbed / hallucinated.

Consistent self purification can easily overcome the mentioned communication problems. Through initiation of Q-RAK Gen 5, we can make ourselves purer and our conscious develop further, thus making us able to communicate with the three worlds as fast as we intend it to be.

Hopefully with Q-RAK our communication with the long lost three worlds can be raised again and owned by mankind to make it possible for us to live in harmony with nature and balance of nature immediately achieved perfectly.

Next I will share experiences of communicating with animals, plants, and minerals.

First, I will begin with a test that I have conducted to my mother in order to know how far her ability to communicate with the three worlds developed. Then I will share the experience of a Q-RAK practitioner who phoned me.

These experiences are as follow:

My Mother and Me

Me    :    Mom, let’s try something out (I was cleaning her MK3 and HN). Try ask my newly bought strawberry tree (I bought a strawberry tree on the way home to Malang and asked my mother to take care of it). How does it feel, happy or not when I brought it home?

Mother    :    Happy.

Me    :    Please ask it, before I bought it home, was it good taken care of by its previous owner?

Mother    :    Yes, it was.

Me    :    Was it given chemicals or just watered?

Mother    :    Just watered.

Me    :    Mom, does the strawberry tree produce many fruits?

Mother    :    Plenty, in fact there are some in the pot. Usually they just stick out from the pot. Although they are just ripe, many new fruits have grown already.

Me    :    Please ask it. Before we took it home, had it more fruits?

Mother    :    More now.

Me    :    Why is that?

Mother    :    It says that it loves our care. You know, I always give it energy to have more growth hormones for its tree and fruits.

Me    :    Please ask the grape tree that I just bought (I happen to buy a grape tree when I went home to Malang). How does it feel now, happy?

Mother    :    Happy indeed.

Me    :    Please ask, when I bought it one tree already had flowers. Will they fall off or become fruits?

Mother    :    They will become fruits.

Me    :    Why don’t they fall?

Mother    :    As long as we take good care of them and not water them too much.

Me    :    Then ask the klengkeng tree in front of our house, why hasn’t it flowered yet?

Mother    :    It’s not time for it to flower.

Me    :    What month will it flower?

Mother    :    December.

Me    :    (My mother’s answer was right since whenever I came home in December, the klengkeng tree always began to have lots of flowers)
Why does the klengkeng tree behind our house rarely have fruits?

Mother    :    The klengkeng tree says that its leaves are too many and fertile, thus they should be cut off.

Me    :    But when I do that, won’t I hurt the tree? (I just wanted to measure the accuracy of my mother’s answers).

Mother    :    No, it’ll be alright.

Me    :    Please ask, when we want to keep the leaves and keep it fertile, but still get a lot of fruits, how can we do that?

Mother    :    Open little by little the skin of the tree’s stem.

Me    :    Won’t we make it more stressful?

Mother    :    No.

Me    :    Please ask the mango tree besides this room which flowers constantly fall off, is it healthy yet?

Mother    :    It’s healthy.

Me    :    What disease did it have all this time?

Mother    :    Bacteria.

Me    :    By the way, please ask the black cat, why does it want to live in our house, not in someone elses? (a wild black cat happens to live in our house now)

Mother    :    He’s very happy because there’s someone loving him now.

Me    :    Who loves him?

Mother    :    I do, no wonder he wants to be stroked every morning. Even when I hit him to leave, he won’t go; instead he follows me around. Only after I stroke him, he leaves.

Me    :    Then why is it when someone else come he runs away?

Mother    :    He feels threatened and scared to be hurt.

Next the experience of a practitioner who called me:

Hend    :    Master, could you tell me the elements of mineral?

Me    :    There are 5 elements in mineral: fire, air, soil, metal, and water.

Hend    :    How come we can communicate with minerals? Are they alive?

Me    :    No, but they have consciousness (in reality life and consciousness is similar in meaning but very bias). If you don’t believe it, just prove it. What’s next to you? Anything near you?

Hend    :    A glass, Master.

Me    :    Now ask it how it feels…

Hend    :    (while laughing) The glass feels neglected because when it’s washed, it often gets hit, Master. And the glass asks to be good taken care off.

Me    :    See…

Next I will post my chat with one of Q-RAK practitioners who lives in Phnom Penh – Cambodia about his experience communicating with sea animals and other animals.

Untung.bejo    :    Good evening, Sir Rony.

Me    :    Good evening.

Untung.bejo    :    Yesterday I tried to use my aff to communicate with animals. The result was astounding. It happened three times. The first time was with a village dog that finally went away angrily after being treated nice. He was quite friendly at first, but then left grumbling. The second time I was visited by a bunch of dragonflies, one cow (I made a survey at that time; so I used the moment to also practice). The third time was at sea. I aff to communicate with sea creatures. I asked fishes under my boat to jump beside the boat (in such condition I tried to use HN). Suddenly a group of fishes jumped beside my boat. Wow, how could that happen? I wondered.

Me    :    And then?

Untung.bejo    :    I asked the fishes to jump again and they apparently were still willing to jump beside my boat. When I remember the view, it was so beautiful. I was amazed how they could understand what I was talking about.

Me    :    I’m sure if you practice this everyday you will receive much information for example about when a disaster will occur. Animals will try to tell you.

Untung.bejo    :    When I tried for the third time, I asked them to jump in front of my boat…

Me    :    About the village dog, I think he was startled and stressed out, why a human can talk to him.

Untung.bedjo    :    And it happened again, Master. This Q version 5 is unbelievable, Master.

Me    :    It is…

Untung.bedjo    :    Even I was surprised, Master, how I can understand his words.

Me    :    You can even easily communicate with air, wind, water, and fire.

Untung.bedjo    :    This is not limited to animals, Master.

Me    :    Yes. With this ability we can easily control the weater.

Untung.bedjo    :    That’s true, Master. From nature I received information that there would be people loosing (love ones) and it happened.

Me    :    I tried to find a way to neutralize the possibility of such major disaster. If not, Jakarta would definitely drown.

Untung.bedjo    :    Yes, Master. This needs cooperation.

Me    :    That’s why the regional QRAK team should be more solid.

Untung.bedjo    :    I am the only Qraker in Phnom Penh…

Me    :    The ability to communicate with nature is critical to minimize disasters. Try asking Indonesians there to join QRAK.

Untung.bedjo    :    Yes, Master…hehehehe

Me    :    By the way, can I publish this chat for testimonial so that other practitioners get inspired to more diligently train QRAK?

Untung.bedjo    :    Last night after Master Rony sent me an email, I was willing to prove it. When I proved it, I was startled myself. Of course, Master, for the sake of Qrakers and the faith toward QRAK. Anyway, Master…

Me    :    I’m very grateful, Mr Untung. Hopefully more QRAKers will be aware to protect the earth together because the earth is very beautiful.

Untung.bedjo    :    This communication ability also requires synchronization with nature and subject…this is what I feel.

Me    :    And?

Untung.bedjo    :    Am I right, Master?

Me    :    Yes, but synchronous here doesn’t mean harmonious like harmonization of energy because it is on the contrary dangerous.

Untung.bedjo    :    That’s true, Master. Copy that. This first happened when I was trying to synchronize with nature in big scale.

Me    :    Synchronize means living harmoniously with other worlds without causing negative impacts.

Untung.bedjo    :    What happened was kugel came because when I tried to synchronize, I didn’t filter it. So it was like an open invitation.

Me    :    True. If you synchronize with nature, negative energies will come from kugel. So, many times people misinterpret it. Synchronous with nature is taken as exactly the same with synchronous energy, hence have fatal consequences.

Untung.bedjo    :    After cleaning 3 times, it’s finished. My analysis is that my power dropped during my attempt to synchronize. The energy scoop was also too wide. There’s where I first misinterpreted the meaning of synchronous hehe…That is so true, Master. It can be fatal.

Me    :    It’s just like a commercial scene on TV, wanting to marry a village flower (a most wanted girl) but on the contrary a real village flower (a plant) comes by. So becareful with the spiritual world. Misinterpretation can be fatal.

Untung.bedjo    :    Yes, that happens at first understanding of synchronous.

Me    :    It’s like the words sincere, patient, grateful, piety and so on. If misinterpreted, kugel might come and take over. Thus, when you find a new invention or new concept immediately confirm it to me so that I can check whether it is deviating or not.

Untung.bedjo    :    It would be a darn thing when there’s no chance to discuss it with you.

Me    :    If you do it quietly, it would become even more fatal.

Untung.bedjo    :    Fortunately I’ve got the right clue, my power dropped, instead I got more kugel.

Me    :    Hehehe…

Untung.bedjo    :    Thanks, Master, for the enlightment. Please guide me when I make a mistake.

Me    :    Okay.

Q-RAK is a Cultivation System

It means that Q-RAK energy is cultivation energy. This is different from reiki energy commonly used, namely natural energy.

Since Q-RAK energy is cultivation energy, Q-RAK energy is very useful to cultivate. Many Q-RAK practitioners of level 3 activate cultivation system through initiation, thus practitioners do not have to take lessons on how to conduct cultivation.